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ESS: are there "special" breakpoints for pipes?

The ESS Manual announces a new feature as of v16.04: ESS[R]: New specialized breakpoints for debugging magrittr pipes However there is no other mention of these "specialized" breakpoints ...
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Is there a way to escape `|` inside tables?

If I tab this: | Expression | Meaning | |---+---| | /a|b/ | a or b | I get this: | Expression | Meaning | | |------------+---------+--------| | /a | b/ | a or b | | | ...
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How to implement the native |> pipe in ESS mode

Using the code provided here I can use the magrittr package pipe %>%. I want to switch to the new native R pipe |>, but if I just substitute the old pipe with the new one the code is not ...
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How to "pipe" a string to a shell command in elisp rather than give it as an arg?

The command I'm trying to duplicate: curl | readability As far as I can see, though, using that | pipe is NOT the same as passing the string in as an arg. If I ...
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how to execute shell command with piping in Elisp?

I am trying to duplicate the following bash command in Elisp: curl | readability Here's what I have so far, but it doesn't capture the piping "| readability&...
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How to pipe data through multiple processes?

Currently I'm generating text from a command, eg: (with-temp-buffer (call-process "my-command" nil t nil "my" "args") ;; operate on output in current buffer. ) How can I use pipes, something ...
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Piping contents of buffer into eshell command

I know eshell supports output redirection to buffers cmd > #<buffername> Is there a way to do piping buffer contents into command? I would like to have something like cat #<buffername&...
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Slurp standard-input into a buffer

How do I read the entire contents of stdin into an Emacs buffer in #! /usr/bin/env emacs --script mode? Stdin may not be a regular file.
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pipe buffer contents to shell as pseudo-file

I'd like to use wdiff to compare the contents of the current buffer to a previous version of the file the buffer is visiting. So, this would be a word-level live diff of the current buffer against a ...
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Using pipe in a shell command

Say I am in dired and the pointer is on a file called test which contains: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. I type ! to run a shell command ...
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Non-shell command on region?

I know about shell-command-on-region. Is there any way to pipe a region through a non-shell command? The start-process and call-process functions invoke executables directly, without using the shell. ...
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Is there some way to continue reading from a STDIN file descriptor when data is PIPED to Emacs on Command-line?

Historical Perspective On Unix like operating systems, it is common practice to redirect IO between shell commands using pipes. For example, the command below would insert all the lines that didn't ...
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