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Dom traversal return nil even though the test condition seems to be true

The purpose of the traversal this time is to be able to visit each node, if there is a specific attribute inside that node, it should return true, add that node to the list and proceed on the next ...
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Defcustom definition for plists

I want to write a defcustom definition for a variable my-var. my-var is an alist that maps strings to plists. Each such plists maps one of three keys (:x, :y, :z) to a list of strings. So, a member ...
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Problems using a function reference from a plist

I'm trying to (funcall) a function reference I have in a plist. (defun helper-get-filename () "Argument Helper to get a filename." (read-file-name "-l <filename>: " "...
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How can I make `setf` work with `plist-get`?

There's no built-in setter for plist-get. Example: (let ((pl '(:what (one)))) (push 'two (plist-get pl :what)) pl) Error: let*: Symbol’s function definition is void: \(setf\ plist-get\) How can I ...
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How to access a value in a plist, given its key

I have a list of key-value pairs that is assigned to a variable. (setq m-point '(:beg 2811 :end 3018 :op "(" :cl ")" :prefix "" :suffix "")) How do I access the values of :beg and :end within it? ...
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