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Questions tagged [project]

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Projectile only sees project related to current buffer, if the buffer belongs to a project

I have two projects opened in my Emacs. Both are git repos and have .projectile files in their directories. Relevant lines in my init.el (projectile-global-mode 1) (helm-mode) (setq projectile-...
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Help: delete-other-windows only working from the original window

Overview I'm having trouble understanding from my current config why C-x 1 (i.e., M-x delete-other-windows) does not work when executed from a window in a project that was created as a result of ...
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"fileloop-next-file: Read error: Is a directory" when running project-query-replace-regexp

Hitting this error when trying to run project-query-replace-regexp. The project I'm working under has git submodules, if that could cause any issues? (Redacted some of the directories and search ...
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Saving and restoring mutiple window layouts

I'm using the latest version of Emacs on Linux. I'm having trouble saving and restoring various window layouts and buffer states across multiple projects. For example: Project A: 3 window layout / 3 ...
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How to export a gantt chart in pdf or png format using taskjuggler and/or org-mode

I managed to get taskjuggler up and running along emacs/org-mode. After reading the manual entries here and here I can export my project into html but I cannot export the Gantt chart into pdf, as ...
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project--vc-list-files wrong-type-argument stringp, nil when using project.el's project file search function over TRAMP

What it sounds like. Trying to use a project in a Podman (distrobox) container, and find-file works fine, so does running an LSP inside the container and transparently talking to it via Emacs, and so ...
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How can I find references to symbols in a project?

I've generated a TAGS file, which holds all my symbols. I'm not sure I understand how xref-find-references is supposed to work, but I only get results on symbols that exists in the current buffer. Is ...
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How do I create a project tree from yasnippet

I have built a project prototype as a module in a directory tree in the following example: module main.ext module_feature item.ext another_item.ext I would like to insert the module ...
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Option similar to `vc-directory-exclusion-list` but for files create by build tools

I'm missing an option variable similar to vc-directory-exclusion-list that holds of a list of auto-generated directory names that contain temporary files that are typically but not exlusively created ...
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"Wrong type argument" adding projects to treemacs

I'm just setting up Treemacs for the first time. I am using Emacs' built in project management (not Projectile) and ideally want Treemacs to always show only the current project. Currently, if I run ...
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Close all open Magit buffers when opening a new project

When using Magit, the multitude of buffers can become a bit confusing when switching buffers. Therefore I prefer to have only one git-repository open in Magit. My current procedure of switching to ...
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Why doesn't project-query-replace-regexp work well

It seems promising to have a built-in function that performs this action: find and replace all matching text recursively, within your project. The problem is that it doesn't seem consistent. I am ...
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Make Helm Projectile to show external sources

I'm pretty new to emacs (was using Vim), primarily using it for Ruby on Rails projects. At my free time, I like to write some C code for STM32 micro-controllers. Unlike RoR project, C project for ...
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