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Transitive `require`s don't work `--with-native-compilation`?

Consider: ;;; a.el (defun a () nil) (provide 'a) ;;; b.el (require 'a) (defun b () nil) (provide 'b) In traditional Emacs this byte compiles fine: ;;; use.el (require 'b) (a) ;This is automatically ...
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1 answer

Should I use "require" or "load" when writing my own configuration? [duplicate]

I am following this tutorial, and the author is doing something like this: ~/.emacs.d/init.el ;; add your modules path (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/custom/") ;; load your modules (require '...
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Why is it convention to have `(provide <package>)` at the bottom of the file?

I've been looking through some elisp libraries and most calls to provide happen at the end of the file. In clojure the ns is quite similar to provide. I've noticed that putting provide at the top ...
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Does `provide` conflict with `use-package`?

I just install use-package yesterday and still learning it. I notice use-package is not working in my environment: Here is my init file: (require 'package) (dolist (url '(("melpa" . "https://melpa....
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