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Questions tagged [python-mode]

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Python-mode code navigation

How can I navigate from an abstract class/method to the implementations of that class/method? Using the M-. I can jump to function definition but I can't find a way to easily find the implementation.
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Emacs Python Virtualenv Support

I am able to enable a virtual environment by adding these lines in .dir-locals.el in my project directory: ((python-mode . ((python-shell-virtualenv-root . "s:/.virtualenvs/default/")))) ...
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Defining custom Python skeletons

I'm trying to define a custom Python skeleton and have found there are two macros in python.el that might be of use here. After poking around and looking at the value for python-skeleton-autoinsert it ...
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How do I assign Ctrl-C Ctrl-D to menu Python/Debugger in my ~/.emacs file?

With a .py file open in my buffer, and the major mode being Python, there is a menu called Python. There is a item in it called Debugger. It has no associated keyboard shortcut. What is the lisp ...
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outline-minor-mode works for Haskell but not Python

I can use outline-minor-mode to fold Haddock-style headings in Haskell code. For instance, consider the following file: -- (haskell-mode) -- (outline-minor-mode) -- (setq-local outline-regexp "-- ...
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py-indent-or-complete, make hitting-tab in python mode move the cursor at first try

when I press tab in python mode py-indent-or-complete execute. When I'm at a new line, it takes two tab keys for the cursor to move to a position. I'd like to hit just one tab to do that. eg) Suppose ...
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