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Input method minor mode for multilingual text

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Macro expansion inside quail-define-rules

Why can't I expand a macro inside (quail-define-rules)? (defmacro quail-test () `("c" ["success!"])) (quail-define-package "experiment" "Experiment" "X" t ...
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How to configure Emacs to use quail for org-mode and other modes?

I recently became acquainted with the quail input method for entering mathematical symbols and really liked it. However, this method works only when I use the agda2-mode, in which I can enter a key ...
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How can I put some extra conditions to the rules of an input method?

Is there a way to put some extra conditions on the translation rules of an input method (quail defining rules)? For example consider the following input method of the answer https://emacs....
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Increase minubuffer font size for quail mode completion

I am trying to increase the font size of the text overlay displayed in the minibuffer when using quail completion without success so far. Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this? EDIT: I was ...
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Passing a string translation to quail-defrule

I don't understand how this is to be used: (quail-defrule ",q" "abcd") After evaluating this, and typing ,q, I get an underscored a: but how am I supposed to select one of the other characters? ...
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