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Doom emacs dired +ranger not obeying evil-mode

I am using doom emacs and in my init file I have (dired +ranger) The problem is when I open dired, I cannot press tab to select for example. I have first to toggle off evil-mode. If I do, I lose all ...
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how to set ranger to be default mode in dired in Doom emacs?

I'm new to doom emacs and I like it but I'm still new, so I saw this package called ranger that is a minor mode inside emacs and I want to make it run by default whenever I open dired. The ...
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Use helm fuzzy search inside ranger inside spacemacs

I am using ranger within spacemacs. One useful feature an explorer in windows (directory opus) I used has, is that by pressing keys it automatically starts to filter files with names corresponding to ...
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Display file icons in ranger inside spacemacs

I am looking to get visual representation of different file extensions as discussed in this question. In the question however there are some python ...
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syntax highlighting in ranger

I've been playing around with ranger in emacs and I'm really liking it for browsing new codebases. I would like to get syntax highlighting working, as it does when using ranger in a terminal. I'm not ...
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Open Dired for an arbitrary set of files

There is a project with 100 files in a flat directory. I want to navigate a subset of the files, depending on what part of the project I am working on. Creating files with links to files of interest ...
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Using advices to flatten a single subfolder

One of Github's features i like is that it "flattens" path if a folder contains only one subfolder, i.e you have a src folder which has only main folder, so by clicking on src you go to the content of ...
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How do I create a new directory from within ranger?

I have recently moved from dired to ranger. While using it on a regular work day, I noticed there isn't any command for creating a new directory. Is there a workaround or am I missing something?
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Ranger: cleanup doesn't work

I started using ranger and it's awesome, but one thing bothers me: It keeps every visited folder open in a buffer, so it floods my buffer list. There are two options that seem to be made to solve ...
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