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1 answer

Check whether line or position is visible

I'm trying to use avy to define a function that jumps to a line, recenters the screen at that line, then goes back to the initial position. The problem is that after recentering the initial position ...
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0 answers

Setting `scroll-conservatively` to 101 causes `dired` buffer can not be recentered when revert

When I set scroll-conservatively to 101 as recommended from many scrolling packages. But I find that in a dired buffer containing many files, revert-buffer (g) will not recenter the point to center ...
1 vote
1 answer

`recenter` issue in `xref-go-back` when using `lsp-mode`

I have the below setting in my config as recommended by many scrolling packages like ultra-scroll-mac. (setq scroll-conservatively 101) The issue is, when using this config with lsp-mode, xref-go-...