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Questions tagged [redisplay]

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Unpredictable Emacs echo area flashing on new message

Unpredictible Emacs echo area flashing on new message I am using my own fork of emacs-mini-modeline. It's a package that displays text message and modeline content in the echo area, to save space ...
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Any way to disable tab usage in display algorithm?

When emacs displays buffer text to the terminal, along with whatever ANSI (or other termcap/terminfo) sequences it uses, it will occasionally use ordinary ASCII TAB characters to move the cursor. ...
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how to speed up org-babel-tangle?

I have an org file of 470 lines, 20 headings and 15 noweb references. From it I tangle 2 files that are 250 lines and differ very little. Tangling takes over a minute and a lot of painful redisplay: ...
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Fastest way to draw pixels in Emacs

I'm currently working on a CHIP-8 emulator. This platform requires me to draw 64x32 black/white pixels, ideally at a speed between 30 and 60 frames per second. There's an extension to it that ...
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Weird cursor position of emacs 26.1 on macOS 10.12.6

I am new to emacs and I met a weird emacs problem, which I don't even know is a feature or what :) Behavior: The emacs is in the text-mode and turned off all the plugins, and I want to type ["ls"], ...
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2 answers

Displaying buffer modification before end of function

I notice that Emacs waits for the end of a function to actually display the buffer modifications the function has produced. For instance, if a function looks like this: (defun foo () (interactive) ...
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how to debug who move cursor

I have very annoying problem, after I run M-x compile time to time cursor jump from middle of buffer to the first line. I want to find out culprit (I found mode who responsible for this, but I want ...
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1 answer

Inhibit redraw during keyboard macros?

In the good old days, repeated emacs keyboard macros ran without repainting the display until the end. Over the years this changed, and now it appears that the display is redrawn 100% of the time -- ...
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11 votes
3 answers

How to avoid scrolling with large files hanging for short periods of time? (holding page keys for example)

Even using default settings (emacs -Q) I've found large C files can be slow to scroll with Emacs. If for example, I open a large file and hold Page-Down. It will scroll down 1-2 pages, then hang for ...
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force-window-update vs redisplay

During idle time with run-with-idle-timer I parse text around a point and update header-line-format. Unfortunately I can't see update to header line unless I type any key. So I should trigger ...
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3 answers

How do I debug an "Invalid face reference: quote" message?

After using Emacs for some time, the message Invalid face reference: quote starts popping up in my message buffer. I'm not sure what causes it to start appearing. debug-on-message doesn't do anything ...
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trace-redisplay: How to see stderr from within Emacs?

When building Emacs, I use ./configure --enable-checking='glyphs' so that I can take advantage of some of the built-in tools such as M-x trace-redisplay. The redisplay debugging messages can be seen ...
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How to force redisplay after you change truncate-lines?

The boolean variable truncate-lines controls whether continuation lines are displayed or not. I use this when I am checking some log file where the very long lines are truncated thanks to a previous (...
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How to update window-start without calling redisplay?

While debugging swiper I've encountered a situation when the point is changed inside with-selected-window, but window-start isn't updated. This can be annoying, because I need the up-to-date window ...
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