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is a line-oriented search tool for recursive searches according to a regexp pattern.

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Why can't I use rg (ripgrep) in an Org mode source block?

I have the following source block in my Org mode file: #+begin_src sh :results output exec 2>&1 mkdir -p /tmp/example && cd /tmp/example echo "hello" > world rg --...
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How to properly use consult-ripgrep to search through org-roam notes

I am trying to setup a way to systematically search through all my org-roam notes and I came across the following code that uses consult-ripgrep: (defun bms/org-roam-rg-search () "Search org-...
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Ripgrep default search

I have been using projectile-ripgrep for a few months and I'm pretty happy with it. A few days ago I was testing some of is options and the default search for ripgrep (what I see in the minibuffer) ...
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Repeat the same search in `helm-rg`, visiting buffers between search

I'm trying to do the following: find all buffers containing text "foo" visit each of those buffers to perform some edition Using helm-rg, I'm forced to do this: M-x helm-rg Enter the text ...
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Why can't counsel-rg index an expression previously found?

I am using trying to use a command called counsel-rg. This is the associated describe-command: counsel-rg is an autoloaded interactive compiled Lisp function in ‘counsel.el’. (counsel-rg &...
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Using rg (ripgrep): passing --files-without-match option flag

how would I pass (in interactive mode for rg) the --files-without-match flag.. There is no short option, and C-x l doesn't show a possibility either. I can do a M-x customize-group on rg to set it for ...
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How to filter search results by path pattern?

I'm using Projectile with ripgrep. I can search project lines by some pattern, as an example: test 42 will match strings like this so, test is not 42 at all I would like to be able to add additional ...
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TRAMP and `projectile-ag`, `projectile-ripgrep` cause kernel panic and complete crash of Mac OS

I am using Emacs and TRAMP on a Mac to access a remote Git repo on a Linux machine. TRAMP is using the SSH protocol. projectile-find-file and routine editing works great. Projectile finds the .git ...
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How do I make `helm` save search results in a grep buffer?

I do helm-find-files (C-x c C-x C-f>), Tab, "Grep current directory with AG" (M-g a), enter pattern, Tab, "Save results in grep buffer" (F3). Now, how do I make M-g M-n/M-g M-p ...
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Emacs 29 - Error (use-package): rg/:catch: install not supported in nil

Here my init.el (use-package rg :ensure t :ensure-system-package rg) In Emacs 27 it's work just fine. But I removed Emacs 27.1 and installed Emacs 29.1 And now when start Emacs 29.1 I get error: ⛔...
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How to present my semantic search model results in minibuffer to select them and open file?

I have an org-roam directory where I keep all my notes in org files. Currently to search through my notes, I use keyword searching using ripgrep with rg.el. With this method, rg pops up the results in ...
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