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How to save a Slime Debugger buffer into a file, preserving all its data?

I am using Common Lisp, SBCL, Emacs, and Slime. Often, an error will happen while programming. When an error occurs, Slime opens a Debugger buffer. Sometimes, I would like to save this debugger buffer ...
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How to save a new buffer to a new file with helm?

(It's likely a dumb question as I'm new to emacs buffer saving commands.) After creating and editing a new buffer (with a temp name "untitled"), I would like to save it to a new file (not ...
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Error in dired-find-file-place when saving

I've been an Emacs user for 30 years. This week I'm switching to a new machine with Ubuntu 21.10 installed. Now when I save a file, it always errors out with the error message: "Error in dired-...
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