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Persist variables (and maybe input history) across restarts [duplicate]

Sometimes I wish to persist the value of some variable when I quit emacs. For example, I would like to do this for compile-command. Now, I guess I could find the hook that is run when Emacs quits (...
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How do I disable savehist-autosave in emacs?

Because my emacs editor has become completely unreliable / unusable due to the frequent freezes - I'd like to disable this. But I can't figure out how? The actual issue is described by myself and ...
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High CPU/memory usage and abnormally large savehist file?

I'm starting to use Spacemacs and occasionally I get stuck with Emacs beginning to require infinite amount of CPU and memory. Inspecting my .emacs.d/.cache folder reveals that the file savehist is 1....
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Saving open file list and buffer command history in between sessions

I've discovered desktop-save-mode which allows Emacs to be closed and when it reopens, it appears with the same files that were open before. I want to take this a bit further and I was wondering if I ...
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