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Why is my variable out of scope in org-roam-capture?

I would like to define an function using org-roam's capture system. However, I want to create a new function, not use the variable org-roam-capture-templates and the related function org-roam-capture. ...
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How does scoping work in emacs lisp

A lot of emacs configurations shared publicly have this format: ;; 01-something.el (provide 'something) ;; init.el (require 'something) Suppose I'm writing a defun named "s-join" inside 01-...
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How create custom function access only from ONE el file?

Emacs 26.1 In my file custom_functions.el (defun increment-number-by-one-at-point() (interactive) (increment-number-at-point-private 1)) ;; Increment number at point (defun increment-number-at-...
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How to highlight the current scope with C family languages?

While it's possible to highlight a block using the character under the cursor, is there a way to highlight the scope of the current cursor? I'm interested in something like QtCreator's block-...
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Are there other ways of introducing local variables other than `let`

I am new to Emacs-Lisp and I was surprised to learn a curious variable scoping rule in Emacs that any variables which are intended to be used locally must be explicitly declared with let. Otherwise ...
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