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I need to restore the *scratch* buffer from the last time I used emacs even though I killed it and had to restart

I was using emacs (XEmacs actually) and using the scratch buffer to experiment with regular expressions for a regex-replace operation that was giving me trouble. That has nothing to do with the ...
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How to prevent `*scratch*` or `*Messages*` buffer to show up when I open via `emacs -Q`?

I realize when I open emacs using emacs -Q I can see *scratch* for a very short time. Sometimes 1ms or half a second. => How to prevent *scratch* or *Messages* buffer to show up when I open via ...
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Can't get rid of scratch buffer at startup for Emacs 26.3

I am using GNU Emacs 26.3 (build 1, x86_64-w64-mingw32) of 2019-08-29. In my .emacs I specifically asked not to show the startup screen or buffer *scratch*: (custom-set-variables '(inhibit-startup-...
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I've modified "initial-scratch-message" -- what else must I do to see it effected?

Using the menu Options-Customize Emacs-Browse Customization Themes, I've modified initial-scratch-message. I saved my customizations; and exited Emacs. When I re-start Emacs, the initial-scratch-...
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Ask for saving contents if scratch buffer is modified before exit

I had made some random notes in my scratch buffer. By mistake, I pressed C-x C-c and killed the Emacs session. All my content in the scratch buffer was gone. Question: When I try to close Emacs ...
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