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Can I mark a local variable as safe for a single file only?

I have a LaTeX-file (thesis.tex) which I edit daily. Some LaTeX-package I use requires me to compile the file with --shell-escape, so I added the file-local variable %%% TeX-command-extra-options: &...
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Avoid placing safe-local-variable-values in init file

I have a project with a .dir-locals.el file. This file contains some customizations for various project local variables, e.g. include directories for semantic and arguments for clang. First time ...
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risky file local “outline-level”

I'm reading (info "(emacs) 25.9.1 Format of Outlines"): can explicitly specify a rule for calculating the level of a heading line by setting the variable outline-level. ...... The ...
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At the time of prompting for a password (from a subordinate shell), sometimes Emacs hides the password, sometimes not. Why the inconsistency?

I use shells running under Emacs (via M-x shell) under a variety of settings1. In all these settings, I use the same .emacs file. Nevertheless I observe an inconsistency, as described below. In some ...
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Understanding certificate security warning

I'm encountering the below warning about a change in the fingerprint for a server I regularly connect to: Certificate information Issued by: R3 Issued to: ...
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Elpa + Melpa Certificate information issue at startup

I hadn't used Emacs for a few weeks and when I started it up I discovered issues with certificate information for elpa, melpa and orgmode. When I launch Emacs I get the following message: The TLS ...
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How to avoid emacs pop-up security warning for code eval

How to disable this pop-up warning for orgmode commands such as: shell:ls *.org For which I would wish just to click once? Thanks!
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How to use an Easy PG encrypted custom-file?

So, inspired by this article. I decided to try adding the following to my init.el: (setq custom-file (expand-file-name "secret.el" user-emacs-directory)) (load custom-file) Where the file in ...
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How can I create secrets for use with the Secrets API auth-source?

Trying to create new secrets in the GNOME keyring via auth-source results in The Secrets API auth-source backend doesn’t support creation yet How can I manually create this secret?
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Secure random numbers

I'd like to generate some random passwords using Emacs, and thus need a secure random number generator. I don't like that 'random might be seeded from system time I'd feel most comfortable just ...
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MELPA's public key

I'd like to install Magit. According to the Installation chapter of the Magit user manual Magit is available from Melpa and Melpa-Stable. If you haven’t used Emacs’ package manager before, then it is ...
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Execute org-mode source blocks without security confirmation

I only want to turn off the warnings for certain source block languages. I couldn't find an answer to this anywhere, only how to turn off the confirmation requests for all languages: (setq org-...
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2 answers

How to automatically sign commits with magit?

I'm interested on having each of my commits signed with my GPG key. Since I use magit for interfacing with git, I was wondering if telling magit to sign each commit was possible (or some workaround to ...
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Will there be security updates to Emacs 24.3?

I am trying to make the case to my employer that updating from Emacs 24.3 to Emacs 24.5 is the right thing to do. The (understandable) justification for sticking with version 24.3 is that it is ...
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How do I verify a large package in a git repo is safe?

I'm looking at emacs helm specifically, which has the following properties: it has thousands of commits it is largely maintained by one user the maintainer has no other profiles (social media, etc.) ...
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crypto-newbie: how to securely sign outgoing email with `smtpmail` (or simplest alternative)?

I'm running $ cat /etc/debian_version jessie/sid $ uname -rv 3.11-2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.11.8-1 (2013-11-13) $ gcc --version | head -n 1 gcc (Debian 4.8.2-1) 4.8.2 $ emacs --version | head -n 1 GNU ...
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How do you select under emacs the key you sign/encrypt with when using mml?

Long time mutt user, I am currently trying to learn how to deal with my mail from within emacs with the help of mu4e. When it comes to signing mail, I use the following (add-hook 'message-send-hook '...
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How to prevent shr from making network connections

Recent versions of Emacs have a really good renderer for HTML written entirely in Elisp. This renderer (shr) can be used for displaying HTML emails, documentation, etc. However, it seems that shr ...
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Configure jabber without writing password in plain text

I find jabber to be a fantastic tool, but it worries me a little that my password is written in plain text in my init file. Is there a way to configure my jabber login credentials without writing them ...
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Safe way to `enable-local-variables`?

I inherited my .emacs file from a friend about 18 years ago. Buried in the middle is the following ominous comment warning about the security implications of the enable-local-variables feature: ;; ...
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