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Questions tagged [semantic-mode]

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0 answers

How do I parse a simple grammar and obtain a syntax tree in Emacs lisp?

How can I construct a parse tree from a string and a simple grammar? Semantic seems very tricky, and SMIE does not seem to produce a parse tree. Here's an example, assuming a language that looks like ...
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0 answers

Code blocks in font-lock comments

I'm developing a major mode for a language that has doc comments. They look like this: (** Foos three bars. Better call this as [foo 1 b c]. Though of course [foo a b 1] works as well. **) ...
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Class inheritance tree in ECB

I'd like to see the inheritance tree for classes which I have currently open, similarly to how it ECB shows related files (e.g. I have a class B in my buffer, its parent A and child C are in different ...
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How to remove unwanted candidates from helm-semantic-or-imenu?

Helm has inbuilt function helm-semantic-or-imenu. When this function is called, it shows all candidates including variables, dependencies e.t.c. I mostly use it only for functions and classes. I want ...
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Semantic Idle Service Error semantic-idle-summary-idle-function

Context Hey, I've discovered semantic and how useful it is when writing coding, it provides some handy features. I'm mostly using it for C/C++ programming, although there's a bug that kept on showing, ...
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0 answers

Search for functions by type signature

Is there a convenient way to search through a C/++ codebase and list all the functions with matching type signatures? I'm working in a codebase that makes heavy use of function pointers. ...
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CEDET semantic-complete-jump customization

When I search through project via semantic-complete-jump and tag is not unique (its defined in multiple places), I must hit <tab> to iterate through all possible places. Problem is, I horribly ...
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Can't disable semantic wisent-python-default-setup on python-mode-hook

Here is the error when semantic by default add wisent-python-default-setup into hook python-mode-hook. It's shown in minibuffer. Makeing python-shell-interpreter-args local to Python Internal[ org-...
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