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Testing sequence for certain number of occurences of specific element

How can I test whether an array mfselc is composed of zeroes or all zeroes except for a single value being 1. Thus mfselc [0 0 1 0 0 0] is acceptable Also mfselc [0 0 0 0 0 0] is acceptable But mfselc ...
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Why do stream-cons and cons behave differently?

I am trying to create a lazy sequence of the lines in the current buffer using the stream.el library. These two recursive functions both read the lines of the current buffer from point to the end of ...
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mapcar but return non-nil element only

Is there a function that applies a transformation to a sequence and returns only the non-nil values? Right now I am using the following (as an example): (seq-filter #'identity (mapcar (lambda (x) ...
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Effective concatenation

How can I concatenate two sequences of lists (either lists of lists or vectors of lists) in constant time (independent of their size)?
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Filter list by regexps

How can I get all elements of a list which don't match multiple patterns? The patterns are given as a list. For instance, I want all files without '("no" "nix") in them. (setq se-...
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Do we have anaphoric macros of seq.el?

In dash.el, there are anaphoric macros (it saves to write "lambda": (--map (* it 2) '(1 2)) instead of (-map (lambda (it) (* it 2)) '(1 2))) seq.el is more generic, it works on strings and vectors ...
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Rings and sequences

I find it surprising that rings (from make-ring) are sequences (satisfy sequencep), but cannot be operated on by standard sequence functions (length, elt, etc.). What, then, does being a "sequence" ...
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How to check if a vector includes a value

When I want to know whether a list includes a value, I can use member function. (member "a" '("a" "ā" "á" "ǎ" "à")) Is there similar way to check if a vector includes a value? (member "a" ["a" "ā" "...
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