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Which commands/functions/processes are run on keyboard input S-<right>?

Emacs help shown using C-h k S-<right> states only: <right> (translated from S-<right>) runs the command right-char (found in global-map), which is an interactive byte-compiled Lisp ...
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windmove doesn't recognize S-<up> and S-<down> on Macbook Terminal

GNU Emacs 27.2 in Mac OS terminal (11.4 Big Sur). Started with (windmove-default-keybindings) and found that S-<up> and S-<down> behaved just as <up> and <down>, as if the ...
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shift selection not working for rebound M-{ backward-paragraph

I slightly simplified the keys for backward-paragraph and forward-paragraph: (global-unset-key (kbd "M-{")) ;; originally backward-paragraph (global-unset-key (kbd "M-}")) ;; originally forward-...
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How can I fix shift-select-mode with own syntax-table

So I have modified syntax table for moving with C-<left>. (defvar my-wacky-syntax-table (let ((table (make-syntax-table))) (modify-syntax-entry ?\( "w" table) (modify-...
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Make region transient in elisp function

I'm trying to write a function that exits isearch leaving the current match selected "transiently", so that the mark is deactivated by any unshifted movement command. I've tried to modify this ...
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Make C-S-up handle shift selection under Org-Mode

When shift-select-mode is on (Emacs' default), C-S-up in text mode selects the previous paragraph. This does not work under Org-Mode, where C-S-up gets translated into C-up, which is mapped to org-...
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How to select (and highlight) non-consecutive blocks? [duplicate]

The title says it all. I'm looking for a C- or M- built-in way to select non-consecutive lines and blocks of text, like usual consecutive lines with Shift or C-SPC. I.e. I need a switch that turn ...
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Region does not get deselected on move commands using `push-mark` from Elisp

By using shift-select-mode, I can select some region via holding down Shift + arrow keys. When I then stop pushing Shift and press other keys the region get deselected. But this is not the case when ...
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How to move the cursor to the beginning/end of a shift-selected region by a left/right motion?

In most modern editors, after canceling a selection by a left/right motion, the cursor will be moved to the beginning/end of the previously-selected region correspondingly. Similarly, if we cancel a ...
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Custom C-arrow cursor movement

I was not satisfied with the behavior of standard C-arrow and C-S-arrow, so I wrote this functions to replace standard ones. (setq separators-regexp "[\-'\"();:,.\\/?!@#%&*+=]") (defun forward-...
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