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How can I remove more libs to reduce loading at startup?

When I view the number of commands or functions through M-x I notice so many that I never use. However I also didn't load them explicitly in my init.el either. I do use use-package and have ...
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Which site-lisp file was loaded, default.el or default.elc?

I'm setting up some site-wide default configuration in the site-lisp directory, and trying to figure out whether emacs is loading the byte-compiled default.elc or default.el. I haven't applied any ...
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Emacs can not see mode.el in site-lisp

I installed Smalltalk from source which comes with its own mode. The files smalltalk-mode.el and smalltalk-mode.elc are placed in /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/ and this path is in my load-path but ...
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where to put .el files on Windows10 for loading at startup

I'm using emacs as a bog-standard program in Windows, and also from the command line in cygwin. They both use the same installation of emacs. I just grabbed yaml-mode.el off the net but I can't ...
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Is the term "site", as in "site-lisp", unique to Emacs?

I've inferred from the context in which it's used that "site" refers to a multi-user environment, as opposed to a particular user's section of that environment. But it's hard to find a formal ...
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How can I build/package Emacs so that the C source files are installed to a standard find-function-C-source-directory?

I want to be able to view C source code of Emacs functions. For example, I want to be able to do M-: (find-function 'message). Emacs prompts me for directory the C sources, so it can set find-...
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How to load json.el included in emacs instead of fallback lib included in gnus

I want to use the json.el included in 24.5, but cannot do that, because gnus includes an older version of json.el that is loaded before the one from 24.5. When running list-load-path-shadows I got ...
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Automatically move installed packages to site-lisp to benefit all user accounts

I have scripts to setup virtual machine images, where emacs packages are installed for the root account. Currently, I manually copy them to the appropriate site-lisp directory, i.e. one of those ...
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