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Defining custom Python skeletons

I'm trying to define a custom Python skeleton and have found there are two macros in python.el that might be of use here. After poking around and looking at the value for python-skeleton-autoinsert it ...
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How can I select and call a tempo template inside a tempo template?

I am writing a set of tempo templates in order to help me writing Nixpkgs boilerplate code. Here is my code, and I will refer to it henceforth. The workflow I intent is similar to this: Call tempo-...
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Abbrevs with Skeletons no longer expanding

I've mashed together my own form of "snippets" in Emacs with Skeletons and Abbrevs. I updated the exact macro for generating both the abbrev and skeleton function, but now abbrevs never ...
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Can there be two prefix arguments?

I am very confused by the definitions of define-skeleton and skeleton-proxy-new in skeleton.el in the emacs source (version 28.1). The command generated by the define-skeleton macro has the ...
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Skeleton for org source blocks causing issues

I've tried to setup a skeleton to speed up entering org source blocks (define-skeleton skel-org-block "Insert an org block, querying for type." "Type: " "#+begin_" ...
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Skeletons: non-interactive subskeletons?

§12 Skeleton Language lists, as an element of a skeleton input list, skeleton Subskeletons are inserted recursively, not once, but as often as the user enters something at the subskeletons ...
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Relationship between Skeleton and Tempo

Emacs ships with two packages for creating and inserting templates: Tempo and Skeleton. As far as I can tell, they fulfill the same purpose. Am I missing something?
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Is it possible to have expand abbreviations when calling a skeleton-read?

I have a large set of abbreviations I defined inside an abbrev-table. Take one of them: (define-abbrev-table 'latex-mode-abbrev-table '(("ff" "my abbreviation!" 0 nil))) If I run a predefined ...
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How to insert boilerplate code in a file based on the directory in which it is created?

Suppose I have a file dir1/this_file.txt and dir2/this_file.txt, and I want to insert different boilerplate code not based on the file name or extension, but based on the directory in which the file ...
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How to control cursor position when using a function for inserting a skeleton

I am using the following function to make a new text file containing premade rows. The text file is named with a date and time tag, and stored in a /notes/ folder. (defun myfun-create-file-with-rows(...
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Limit emacs skeleton pairs

I have the following skeleton pair setup to quickly insert LaTeX fragents into org-mode documents: (setq skeleton-pair t) (global-set-key (kbd "$") 'skeleton-pair-insert-maybe) This works. But the ...
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How to disable skeleton-pair-insert-maybe?

I recently got a new Chromebook and installed Ubuntu via crouton. I then installed Emacs 23 and transferred my .emacs file to the new machine. However, a few of my key rebindings have been ...
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What templates are available for generating an elisp library?

At some point I remember encountering a command that generated a skeleton of a properly formatted emacs-lisp library as below: ;;; library.el --- summary ;; Copyright ... ;; Author: ;; Keywords: ;;...
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Insert quote characters in define-skeleton

In the following skeleton definition, I like to have quote characters ", ` and ' in the generated skeleton code. For example, I like to have the effect of #+NAME:a-function-test #+BEGIN_SRC ...
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Redefine verilog-mode header skeleton

The verilog-mode package contains this code: (define-skeleton verilog-sk-header-tmpl "Insert a comment block containing the module title, author, etc." "[Description]: " "// ...
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Automatically closing #ifdef block when editing C code

When editing LaTeX code, the command latex-close-block inserts an \end{..} that matches the last unclosed \begin{..}. Very handy! Is there a similar command in c-mode that would close a pending #...
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Context sensitive skeleton triggered by abbrev stuck in loop

I want to create a skeleton, triggered by the abbrev keyword 'func' which checks its context and runs one of two possible sub-skeletons. Here's what I have: (define-skeleton my-func-skeleton "func ...
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auto-insert a skeleton and run a function when creating a new file

auto-insert-alist by default matches files created in .../bin/ directories and enables sh-mode. There are examples on the wiki showing how to use a skeleton to insert some text, but I want to both ...
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