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Display function signature in completion popup menu instead of status line with SLIME/SLY in Emacs

What the title says. I'd like the function signature for functions in Common Lisp to display next to the function name in the company-mode autocomplete popup menu instead of at the bottom of the ...
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1 answer

How do I disable paredit-ret in sly-mrepl*?

I am trying to migrate from slime to sly. But I want to use paredit in sly-mrepl. Naive enabling of paredit in sly-mrepl leads to a problem where pressing RET in repl calls paredit-ret. But I want to ...
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Why can't I access my lisp server when launched from the emacs repl

I have a lisp xml-rpc server. When I launch it from a repl in a terminal, the server responds to the client's requests but when this server is launched from the sly repl in Emacs, the client is stuck ...
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Why having a system loaded makes any difference for indentation?

I am using Common Lisp, SBCL, Emacs, and Slime. During a code review, a co-worker mentioned that the indentation of an s-expression was wrong. Usually, I just use indent-sexp(bounded to C-M-q) to fix ...
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Why this "keybinding conflicts" message keeps appearing? How can I fix it?

After pressing M-x sly, I keep receiving this message: [sly] SLIME detected in 'lisp-mode-hook', causes keybinding conflicts. Remove it for this Emacs session? The odd thing is that SLIME is not ...
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1 answer

slime-call-defun equivalent in sly?

Slime defines two commands: slime-call-defun and slime-eval-last-expression-in-repl which take the function name of where point is (or whatever) and copy it over to the REPL prompt and position point ...
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