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Questions tagged [spaceline]

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0 answers

Disable spaceline on certain terminals

I'm using spacemacs for the convenience of largely not having to maintain my own emacs configuration, after 25 years of emacs use. For graphical frames and high-color unicode terminals, the fancy mode-...
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Which mode-line package(s) is/are most extendable?

My question: Hi, lately I've been looking into various mode-line customization packages such as Smart Mode Line, Powerline, Spaceline, or Telephone Line. I'd like to write a package that works ...
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2 answers

Mode line overflow/interference with Spaceline

I am using Spaceline with the following configuration: (use-package spaceline-config :config (setq-default mode-line-format '("%e" (:eval (spaceline-ml-main))) powerline-default-separator ...
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How can I show the full path to the current file in the mode-line for Spacemacs (Spaceline)?

I'd like to display the full path instead of just the filename itself. How can this be done? So essentially where it says .spacemacs in the below image (seems this mode-line is called "Spaceline"):
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Display projectile root in spaceline mode line

I use spaceline configured in the following way; (use-package spaceline :ensure t) (use-package spaceline-config :ensure spaceline :config (spaceline-helm-mode 1) (spaceline-emacs-theme)) ...
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1 answer

Spaceline color issue

so the problem I am having is that my spaceline plugin will have little squares of miss color until I do powerline-reset. (Just like the github issue.) Problem is that I am having to do this every ...
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4 votes
1 answer

how to direct spaceline to display "Narrowed" in the mode-line?

I'm using Spacemacs, which by default includes spaceline. I'd like the mode-line to indicate whether I'm in a narrowed buffer or not. So when I do org-narrow-to-subtree, for instance, spaceline could ...
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