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How to abort a command executing in sqli-mode?

Whilst using a sqli buffer I accidentally ran a mahoosive query. What's the easiest way to abort it? I used sql-postgres to start the process.
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Send custom commands via psql interface

When interacting with postgresql via Emacs sql-postgres, is it possible to write aliases or functions, to be able to type for example, databases instead of \l, when I want to list all databases?
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Postgres sql prompt

I have connected to my remote postgres db via: I am able to query and interact just fine. I cannot, however, see the prompt. It's just a blank line. It ...
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sql-connect: (setting-constant nil)

I am using latest Helm from MELPA on Emacs GNU Emacs (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.16.6) of 2015-09-11 When I issue sql-connect I see this: The only connection I have saved (in ...
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Use comint with non-interactive CLI tools

Is it possible to run a CLI tool (via sql-* comint-based mode) that checks isatty() and immediately exits because the stdin is empty? Maybe it is possible to force comint (or SQL mode) to run the tool ...
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sql-interactive-mode get product name for the buffer

I have 2 connections to different servers through sql interactive mode: (setq sql-connection-alist '((mysql_server (sql-product 'mysql) (sql-server "server1") (sql-user &...
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Open multiple *SQL* buffers (same product)

I connect to postgres by placing the following in a file on a remote server, opening over tramp, and executing: (setq sql-connection-alist '((pool-my_db (sql-product 'postgres) ...
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