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A string is a sequence of characters, which can be user data or used internally in Emacs. For example, string to search, replace, save in a register and so on, file name, etc.

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Elisp regex matching - evaluate as region vs as individual sexp gives different answers

Here's a chunk of code: (defvar test-string "bla bla bla bla bla bla") (string-match "[[:digit:]]+\\.[[:digit:]]+\\.[[:digit:]]+\\.[[:digit:]]+" test-string) (message (match-string 0 ...
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re-search-forward Regex behavior for OR boolean

We usually use \| to depict OR in Regex. Using a\|b as input to Regexp I-search and Occur both gave the desired result. But re-search-forward seems unable to recognize this notation. abcdcba (re-...
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How to use ,var-name (defvar) syntax in org-publish-project-alist? Init file is in form of org-mode

I have following function as part of my emacs settings for publishing org to html. (defvar website-html-preamble "<nav> <ul class="nav nav-tabs"> <li role="...
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Which keyboard shortcut to use for navigating out of a string

When I'm in the middle of a looooong string, like the following (setq Emacs-beta "Which keyboard shortcut to use for navigating out of a string") Can I skip out of it, just before the first " (after ...
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match-data fails to consider only last search with string-match and persists across sessions [duplicate]

Using emacs 25.3.1, I am trying to access the match data after I search a string with string-match. But the match data is wrong. To find out why I tried out the manual's simple example. (string-...
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How to check in elisp if a string is a substring of another string?

How to check if a string s1 is a substring of another string s2? For example (test-substring "f t" "df tj") --> t, (test-substring "ft" "df tj") --> nil.
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How do i get rid of "default" (last used) string in some emacs functions?

I have the following problem : when i use 'C-x r t' (string-rectangle), i am prompted to enter some string, to replace the selected rectangle. Lets say i type ";;" (to comment out the rectangle). This ...
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How can I turn a string into its literal representation?

(mystery-function "a neat\nstring\"") => "\"a neat \\nstring\\\"" This question was asked on freenode#emacs by user dropdrive. How could I write (or use) a function that takes a string literal ...
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Split a complicated string?

Q: how do I split a complicated string when whitespace delimiters aren't discriminating enough? Background I'm working with BibTeX files. I want to split an author string of the form "first-name ...
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prettify-symbols-mode and multi-character replacements?

With prettify-symbols-mode it is possible to replace strings by a character, or a character composition, e.g. ;; \lambda → λ (push '("\\lambda" . ?λ) prettify-symbols-alist) Optionally, it allows ...
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modify syntax table for strings in perl modes

My company uses a version of Perl where you can define by binary number using something like my $var = 'b010110110; etc. Problem is both perl-mode and cperl-mode interpret ' as the start of the string ...
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Strange behaviour of match-string/string-match

I have this code (defun string-match-test () (interactive) (string-match "12345" (buffer-string)) (setq STRING (match-string 0)) (read-string STRING) (goto-char (point-max)) (insert ...
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How to replace the first element of the `kill-ring` by a modification of it?

I am trying to modify the string that is to yanked My goal is to modify certains paths before yanking, in order to transform them in relative to path actual buffer file. Following this post, I tried ...
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how to parameterize prompt for interactive/command?

background I had elisp code (in this very small git repo) like (defun bulk-replace-file (filepath) (interactive "FPath to file to bulk-replace: ") (bulk-replace-file-non-interactive filepath) ) ...
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How to get the string representation of a keymap event?

I'd like to get the string representation of a keymap event. For instance 19 should be printed as C-s, 1 as C-a etc... I could make my own function to do that but since describe-keyis capable of ...
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How can I check whether a string represents a number in Elisp?

I want to check whether the string variable s is a number (integer or float) formatted as a string. I thought it could be done using string-to-number like this (defun string-number-base-p (s) (...
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How to fill a string programmatically like fill-region in elisp?

Here is what I want: (fill-string ";; This is a long string to be inserted into a buffer somewhere. Okay that's it.") This should insert line breaks according to the fill-column. Something ...
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Colored string in mode line

I have: (setq mode-line-end-spaces "string") That displays string in the mode-line. How can I get string in red there?
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Cperl-mode syntax highlighting breaks when inserting a newline into a here doc

in cperl-mode, here docs are colored with a font-lock-string-face. However if you used any function that inserts a newline on a blank line (e.g. M-: (insert "\n")) it will cause all code after the ...
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Using a backslash with occur

How can I use occur (M-s o) to search for a string that contains a backslash, e.g. \def?
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