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Questions tagged [subprocess]

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How to avoid losing focus after starting an asynchronous process?

The lisp function start-process is meant to start an asynchronous subprocess, namely a process running independently of Emacs itself. I have noticed that, under my GNOME desktop environment, when my ...
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How can I execute synchronously a xdotool process in an Elisp function?

I want to perform a repetitive task using Emacs and another program (which, unfortunately, runs under X). I have then set up an elisp function and a xdotool script to do the two parts of the work. The ...
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How to prevent emacs hanging when 'accept-process-output' is called multiple times on a single process?

I'm running into a bug where Emacs locks up when accept-process-output is being called on the same process multiple times. In this case this is the ispell-process, however I don't think that matters ...
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Allow user to interact with subprocess

I would like to call a subprocess, and that subprocess has some interactive behavior. Thus, I would emacs to parse the output of the subprocess, ask the user for input, and then hand that input back ...
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How to avoid slow response by set-process-sentinel to process that produces many lines of output

I am running a command that produces a few thousand lines of output, which I would like to store in a buffer. I want to run it in the background and be alerted when it is finished. The problem is that ...
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Not asking to kill a dead process?

When I hit g (recompile) in a *Compilation* buffer while the previous compilation is not done yet, I am asked whether I want compilation killed. If I wait for it to finish, I get the echo area look ...
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start-process permissions in Windows

I can open an HTML file using shell command: M-! start file.html, but when I try to write an elisp function which includes the line (some of these arguments are actually variables but I've written out ...
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How can I make multiple calls to external binaries?

I want to write an interactive function to Call an external binary Write the output of the binary into a buffer Process the buffer to extracts args for next call Call another external binary using ...
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Retaining focus while displaying graphics windows

NB: The Emacs world uses the word frame to refer to what in most other contexts is called window, and uses the word window to describe something else. In this post, however, the word window always ...
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