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Best package for SVN (Subversion)

Emacs 26.1. To work with Git I use package magit. It's very nice package. But I also need package to work with SVN. Has analog of magit but to work with SVN ?
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Disable VC for SVN in exclusive-locking mode

I have Subversion exclusive-locking enabled to increase SVN performance. If I commit a file the svn command line client opens Emacs so I can enter a commit message. But Emacs VC tries to determine the ...
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How would I delete svn unknown files?

In Tortoise SVN I would do "svn cleanup" with "Delete unversioned files and folders". In Emacs "svn status" I can mark "unknown" files or folders (marked with "?"). But I cannot delete them, as they ...
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Emacs for better SVN workflow

Because Xcode 10 no longer supports SVN I am looking for something to replace it. It seems as a good time to learn to use Emacs for SVN management. The answer could be a single tool or easy Emacs ...
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Is there a way for ediff to compare SVN changes in the head to my local copy?

My company uses SVN, and one of the things I often want to do is compare the differences that someone else checked in without doing an update. For example, if I see someone has committed a new ...
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Is there a common way to open "svn-status" or "magit" depending on current buffers system?

before I sit down and reinvent the wheel for me: I'm working with svn and git in different projects. Is there already an existing way to start svn-status or magit, depending on the vcs that is used ...
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Customize vc-next-action to open a URL

Is there a way to customize vc-next-action C-x v v so that it opens a URL on success? I am using SVN and after each commit, I have to open manually a trac URL with the rev number. For example: http://...
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How to "svn revert <file>" with Emacs Version Control?

How can I do a svn revert <file> from Emacs Version Control? I've read many parts of the manual, but can't find it. I would like to do it over a file after opening it with vc-directory C-x v d, ...
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