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SX is a StackExchange client for Emacs

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How do I ask a question from Emacs sx.el?

I'm trying to use sx.el. So far I can read and move around, but when I try to ask a question pressing a, I end up in the sx draft question emacs buffer showing: Title: \ Tags: but there I can't type ...
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0 answers

Look at topvoted questions for a particular tag

In sx-mode (a major mode for viewing StackExchange in Emacs), it is possible to look at the topvoted questions for a particular StackExchange site with sx-tab-topvoted. It is also possible to search ...
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5 votes
0 answers

how to filter Stack Exchange questions with sx.el?

I'm looking for a command like sx-tab-all-questions. But instead of displaying a list with all communities, I want it to display my list of filters. How can I create a filter, include tags of ...
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Insertion of code blocks in sx.el

In sx.el compose mode, what is the correct way to mark some region as a code block, the way C-k does it on the web interface ?
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1 answer

Viewing answers in StackExchange for Emacs

StackExchange for Emacs is exactly what it sounds like. After authenticating and loading sx-tab-topvoted emacs, I see a buffer of question headings. 46 3 Are there any advantages to using ~/....
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