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Questions tagged [symbolic-links]

Following or manipulating symbolic links in the underlying file system.

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How to make a symbolic link pointing to a directory?

I'm trying to make a symbolic link to a directory, but the resulting link is always broken. For example, (make-symbolic-link user-emacs-directory "test" t) The first argument is TARGET, ...
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Follow symbolic links in alternative org-roam directory

I use org-roam to take notes. I have two org-roam directories. The alternative one has a .dir-locals.el file where I set the value of org-roam-directory and org-roam-db-location with the path to the ...
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prevent symbolic link follow from git repo HOWTO

I have git repo here: ~/git/myrepo/ then I do: ln -s ~/external_dir ~/git/myrepo emacs follows symbolic link when opening the file: ~/git/myrepo/external_dir/somefile.txt I'd like to prevent it, ...
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How to show current directory in Dired with symlinks resolved

I have ~/bin -> ~/some/long/path/bin. When I open ~/bin in Dired, it tells me at the top that it is looking at /Users/username/bin, i.e. it expands '~' in the current directory printed on the ...
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Emacs completion through symlink (OSX)

I have a symlink on my Desktop that points to my Dropbox folder. Clicking on this link takes me through to Dropbox, which is located elsewhere. But if I try navigating to ~/Desktop/Dropbox using Emacs,...
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Can Dired (or Dired+) detect symlinks in Windows?

Can Dired(+) be made to show symlinks in Windows? A picture is worth a thousand words:
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Is there a way to highlight symlinks in the speedbar?

I would like files in the speedbar that are symlinks, to be highlighted, or at least marked with @ so that they are easily distinguishable.
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Treat symbolic-link as separate files while visiting

Is there a way to make Emacs visit already visited file(with active buffer) via symbolic-link as a different file? I want them(links/file paths) to be visited by different buffers. It will be best if ...
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Follow symlinked directories in Dired

On a Linux machine I symlink some directories into my home directory like this: /home/mrdarcy: total used in directory 231 available 520120 drwxrwxr-x 3 4k 04-30 18:16 bin drwxr-xr-x 2 4k ...
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What are the '.#' links for? [duplicate]

When an Emacs buffer is modified, a broken link is created. The link's name is a concatenation of '.#' followed by the file's name. For example: $ ls -l lrwxrwxrwx. 1 wolfv wolfv ...
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.emacs linked to,open in emacs-lisp mode

Say I have a symbolic link .emacs link to,so when I open,the associated buffer's major mode is Fundamental mode. I want's major mode Emacs-Lisp. Another example is: ...
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2 answers

Hide symlink destination in ls-lisp output?

By default Emacs' ls-lisp shows the symlink destination in its output like this: /tmp: total used in directory 2 available 12933091 lrwxr-xr-x 40 02-07 16:12 foo -> bar -rw-r--r-- 0 03-06 14:45 ...
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Mac OS X problem accessing file via symlink

GNU Emacs 24 on El Capitan. When opening a file whose path includes a directory which is a symlink, Emacs emits the following error: *ERROR*: Wrong type argument: numberp, "Bus error: 10" If I ...
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Hard and soft links (junctions) under Windows

Let us assume to run the following commands creating links in the Windows prompt (terminal): > mkdir fooDir > echo hello> fooDir\foo > mklink /d fooDirSym fooDir > mklink /j fooDirJunc ...
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2 answers

How to make vc-* and magit treat a symbolic link to a real file in git repo just like the original file?

Say, I got ~/.emacs which is a soft link to ~/.emacs.d/init.el(using ln -s ~/.emacs.d/init.el ~/.emacs) which is in a git repo, because this will make it easier to reach init.el, outside or inside ...
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Stop dired opening second window of already open directory

When I open a directory using dired and there is already the same directory opened in dired, a second one is opened with <2>. How can I inhibit this creation of the duplicate window and switch ...
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