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Questions tagged [syntax-table]

is an Emacs Lisp data structure in which each character's syntactic role is defined. Other Emacs facilities, such as font lock, navigation, parsing, etc., scan these syntax tables to determine where words, symbols, and other syntactic constructs begin and end. Syntax tables are unique to every major mode. They are customizable and even overridable with text properties.

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8 answers

How to treat underscore as part of the word?

I use Emacs + evil mode. When I position the cursor on e (in normal state) in a chunk of text such as abc_def_ghi, ciw (change inner word) changes only the def part of the string, while Vim would ...
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3 answers

How can I detect if the current character is a comment character for that major mode?

I am working on this little function that pulls up the next line to the current line. I want to add a functionality so that if the current line is a line comment and the next line is also a line ...
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1 answer

Parsing parentheses: smie vs syntax table

I am maintaining a mode for a programming language with... let's say "annoying" syntax constructs. For example, the angle brackets (no idea if it is the correct word) < and > are parentheses. ...
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modify syntax table for strings in perl modes

My company uses a version of Perl where you can define by binary number using something like my $var = 'b010110110; etc. Problem is both perl-mode and cperl-mode interpret ' as the start of the string ...
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After setting syntax-propertize-function, comment is not being fontified with comment face

I'm trying to build a major mode for xwiki, where I'm defining {{{ verbatim }}} as a comment. So far, I've done (eval-when-compile (defconst xwiki-syntax-propertize-rules (syntax-...
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Complex comment-start (and end) sequence

As far as I understand there is syntax flags only for comment delimiters made up of two characters but if I have comment delimiters of length greater than two characters is it possible to change ...
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Highlighting YAML comments correctly

See for more background. YAML defines a comment as a # either preceded by the beginning of the line or whitespace (more ...
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