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Integration of the Emacs server with systemd

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Can't start emacs.service, but manual start works fine

My emacs.service looks like this: denis@dgecko:~> cat /home/denis/.config/systemd/user/emacs.service [Unit] Description=Emacs text editor Documentation=info:emacs man:emacs(1)
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Systemd starts emacs daemon without XAUTHORITY environment variable after upgrading to Fedora 37

Problem I am running Emacs daemon as a user service using Systemd, following the documentation in EmacsWiki. I configured it while using Fedora-36, and everything was working as expected. Once I ...
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emacsclient starts a new instance instead of contacting the server started by systemd

Log into Gnome emacs-server is started by systemd, using the default configuration of my distribution (Fedora 36): [Unit] Description=Emacs text editor Documentation=info:emacs man:emacs(1) https://...
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emacs 27 (lucid toolkit) daemon crashes every couple of minutes

Some variant of this has been asked before - emacs daemon crashing when it has been built with Gtk3 etc - but I couldn't find any solution to this. I've built Emacs 27.1 from source on Xubuntu 20.04 ...
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emacsclient exits unexpectedly without any error

I've built GNU Emacs 27.0.50 from source in Ubuntu 18.10. Then started the daemon as a systemd unit: [Unit] Description=Emacs text editor Documentation=info:emacs man:emacs(1)
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Unable to connect using emacsclient

I am starting the emacs server using systemctl --now --user enable emacs That server is running, if I run systemctl --user status emacs I got $ systemctl --user status emacs ● emacs.service - ...
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