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Tabbar is a minor mode that displays a tab bar at the top, similar to the idea of web browser’s tabs.

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Browser-style 'tabs' for emacs?

I would like tabs like firefox but for emacs. I found this: But it just add to each buffer (window in Emacs terminology) a bar that shows currently open buffers....
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make `display-buffer` open buffer in new tab

The display-buffer function seems to be used quite heavily within Emacs. It has a lot of options to determine where to open a new buffer (a new window, a new frame, an existing window, etc). Emacs ...
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Poor performance with Tabbar

Tabbar is refreshing groups like 14+ times at once (probably number of tabs) and causing severe slowness with the mods I made on it (lots of IO to sort tabs in mod time). What is the preferred way to ...