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is for termcap and terminfo capabilities in Emacs. The termcap entry for terminal type `emacs` is ordinarily put in the `TERMCAP` environment variable of subshells.

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"End" key results in "<select> is undefined" after updating to 24bit color gnu-screen

In order to get Doom colours working properly in a screen session within Konsole, the KDE terminal, I upgraded to the latest screen version from the screen repo in order to get the theme colours ...
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Any way to disable tab usage in display algorithm?

When emacs displays buffer text to the terminal, along with whatever ANSI (or other termcap/terminfo) sequences it uses, it will occasionally use ordinary ASCII TAB characters to move the cursor. ...
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emacs: cannot open terminfo database file

I've created a new terminfo entry to enable italics in my terminal, as described here. The new terminfo entry looks like: xterm-256color-italic|xterm with 256 colors and italic, sitm=\E[em, ritm=\E[...
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Terminfo database in Emacs shell not updated after (text-scale-adjust)

The following sequence of commands shows that the number of columns in terminfo's database inside an Emacs shell buffer is not updated when the user decreases the size of the font with "C-x C--" (text-...
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How to run tmux in Aquamacs

I quite like tmux and Aquamacs. I've recently been interested in how to integrate the two together. As far as I know, one cannot run Aquamacs within a terminal even with the Aquamacs CLI tool, so the ...
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Terminfo does not export the up arrow resource

When I use TRAMP and a remote shell, terminfo doesn't export the kcuu1 (up arrow) resource. How can I get Emacs to provide this?
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