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Termux is a Linux terminal environment for Android. Its package manager provides a terminal version of Emacs.

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Info manuals not listed in Termux

I have Emacs installed through Termux. The Emacs manuals (, etc.) are located at /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/share/info/. I can open them with find-file. I don't see them with C-h ...
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Set custom bashrc or PS1 variable

I'm using, at the terminal on my android device, an simple approach to show the path to my location (export PS1="(\w)$ "). However, the \w seems to not be working in emacs shell emulator running ...
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How to build Emacs from sources on Termux

Background: Termux is a Linux terminal environment that runs under Android. It provides a terminal version of Emacs 25.3. However, I would like to build Emacs directly from the master branch in the ...
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How can I enable shell-command in Termux build of Emacs?

Installation of emacs on termux (from f-droid) does not support shell-command. Does this require a port of shell access code to termux, or is it some sort of option that I would be able to activate?
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How can I install Terminfo for GNU Screen on Termux to run Emacs?

When I ssh from my system to termux, my term is ~ $ echo $TERM screen.xterm-256color ..and I can't start Emacs. Seems Termux doesn't like that. If I change it to $ export TERM=xterm-256color , then ...
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