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The basic major mode for (La)TeX included in GNU Emacs. Not to be confused with AUCTeX, a common third-party package.

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Disable tex-mode's auto tex-insert-quote functionaliy

So basically, for reasons unknown we don't use regular LaTeX style quotes at my company, instead just using regular double quotes. However, tex-mode in emacs automatically substitutes the " key for ``'...
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How can I bring tex-mode's sexp navigation to AucTeX?

I generally prefer AucTeX over the built-in tex-mode, but one thing that is much better in tex-mode is navigation by s-expression. Namely, in tex-mode, forward-sexp (C-M-f) treats LaTeX environments ...
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Adding a rule to color text

I'd like to add a rule to supersede a tex mode. I'd like to colour text between two strings over multiple lines in a similar way that the character % is used as a comment character and so colours (...
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Adding a command to latex-match-warning-keywords for tex-mode

I want the commands \largerpage and \addlines to be displayed in red (font-latex-match-warning-keywords) but cannot figure out how to do this. I found several posts, but non of this seems to work. ...
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Navigation ignores comment blocks in (La)TeX mode

I sometimes leave large blocks of comments in LaTeX source code: Text text text text. % Comments comments comments comments. % Six lines of comments. % More comments. % Separate comment block. % ...
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Recognize LaTeX partial files (with no preamble) as LaTeX

I installed auto-complete and also auto-complete-latex so to be able to use it with LaTeX files. Because in a document I use an external file with the preamble commands in it, Emacs recognises only ...
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Typing two quote characters in a LaTeX document?

I'm working with a LaTeX document. I want to type "" since I need this for german.sty in LaTeX. Starting some time ago, Emacs thinks this is not a good idea. I do not agree. Right now I have to ...
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