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How can I enlarge the font of tooltips?

I want to enlarge the text in tooltips displayed via . What can I do?
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Display multiple tooltips at once

Is there any way to display multiple tooltips, or something similar to them? Overlays wont work because i need to display them using xy coordinates.
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Show Link Tooltip mouse over with keystroke

When I use mouse-over on an Link (thanks to Tobias) it shows an Image and text. When I used display-local-help the image disappeared (perhaps due to lack of space in the message area). I want to ...
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Spacemacs not using the theme for tooltips after resizing the window

I'm using Spacemacs with Solarized dark theme on Arch linux using i3wm, and I'm having some issues with tooltips. If I open Emacs so it only covers part of the screen, the tooltips shows up with the ...
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How to avoid window scrolling after completion list shows up in company-mode?

When I'm editing a file, if the completion list shows up, the text in the current window will always jump (sometime it will jump a few lines but mostly it will jump to the top of the window), after ...
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Ivy tool tips and ctrl-d brining up unwanted documentation

Using emacs 30, I have an issue where when an ivy tooltip pops up, pressing ctrl-d causes documentation to show up instead of the expected deleting of a character. I've not been able to determine how ...
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Are there different tooltip mechanisms?

I experience some weird behavior with tooltips: (progn (let* ((start (point)) (end (progn (insert "test") (point))) (ov (make-overlay start end))) (overlay-put ov 'help-echo ...
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