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Questions tagged [transient-mark-mode]

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2 answers

click highlights areas of the buffer when the click is away from the cursor position

I am using the crafted-emacs from SystemCrafters and have found it great for getting a feel for elisp and emacs management. One issue I do have is that for some reason, my cursor has kind of got '...
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1 answer

Strange behaviour using C-<spc> to select multiple lines - first line is skipped if it starts with whitespace

EDIT: The issue wasn't related to whitespace, rather it was my lack of understanding of how region selection works. The selected answer answers the question clearly. I'm basically looking for the same ...
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1 answer

Throttle transient-mark-mode highlighting?

When I'm using remote X forwarding to run X toolkit emacs and I press C-SPC and move the cursor around, things get very slow. The emacs profiler says all the time is spent in line-move-visual, but I ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to leave mark region highlighted when switching windows

I usually have my Emacs frame split into windows. I'll select something in one window and then switch to another buffer. When I do this Emacs removes the active-region highlghting in the original ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Buffer local transient-mark-mode?

I like transient-mark-mode and I like that it is activated by default. But there are a few specific buffers where I'd like to deactivate it. Unfortunately, that minor mode is either on or off globally,...
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2 answers

Highlight active region without transient-mark-mode

Is there any way to have the region highlighted without transient-mark-mode on? I'm trying to implement kakoune style editing in emacs and having a persistent region actually makes sense under that ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Make region transient in elisp function

I'm trying to write a function that exits isearch leaving the current match selected "transiently", so that the mark is deactivated by any unshifted movement command. I've tried to modify this ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Since upgrading to emacs 26.1 C-SPC behaviour changed and I have to press it twice to set-mark

Since upgrading to Emacs 26.1 C-SPC behaviour changed and I have to press it twice (most of the time) to set mark, which disrupts my flow and is hard on my thumb joint (don't ask). I'd like to ...
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0 votes
2 answers

How to save the text selection and keep the selection highlight

In Emacs 25 how can I save the text selection and keep the selection highlighting when using Transient Mark mode? If I use kill-ring-save, the highlighting is switched off and I have to switch it on ...
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1 answer

Region does not get deselected on move commands using `push-mark` from Elisp

By using shift-select-mode, I can select some region via holding down Shift + arrow keys. When I then stop pushing Shift and press other keys the region get deselected. But this is not the case when ...
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