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How add Evil keybindings to Magit, without removing all Magit prefix-keys

In magit status of a Git repository, you usually press f u to fetch from upstream (these keybindings in Magit will call magit-fetch-from-upstream). With Magit keybindings I have noticed the letters ...
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Unknown fix for error: cl--generic-build-combined-method: Cyclic definition: %S: loadhist-unload-element

I'm using emacs 27.2 and magit version 20231109.935. When I'm inside a directory and try to run magit-status or magit-init I get the error message in the title: cl--generic-build-combined-method: ...
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How to programmatically set the same flag for multiple transient-values? [duplicate]

How can I programmatically set the same argument (e.g., --gpg-sign=abc123) for multiple transient-values? If I try the following, it seems that the value of adamliter/my-gpg-key-sign-git-arg does not ...
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Is it possible to eval code as a transient group description?

I want to customize the title of a transient group based on the value of some variable, my--current-section. The following doesn't work (transient-define-prefix my--prefix () "Sample docstring&...
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modify existing transient - set some argument "active" by default

I'm trying to modify a transient defined in python-pytest and add some suffix for pytest-django extension. I would like one of my arguments to be "active". It is similar to https://emacs....
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How can I use 'transients' in 'magit' to enable case-insensitive search? [closed]

I got it working a year ago, then my machine died. I've been unable to figure out the interface to transient. When I view the levels (green and red, with numbers in them), I hit '-i' but see an error '...
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How to provide a dynamic default value for option in magit transient?

I can define a custom option with: (transient-define-infix my-option-infix () :description "My Option" :class 'transient-option :shortarg "-o" :argument "--my-option=&...
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How to persist a transient to make a command repeatable?

I am converting some of my Hydras to Transient. One of them includes a command with shrinks or enlarges one of my split windows, so I hit it repeatedly until I like my size. How to do this in ...
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How to kill a transient buffer?

I'm a emacs 28.0.50 user (compiled by my own) and my config is based on spacemacs v0.200.8 I've noticed that, when I'm on a transient buffer and type 'q', the buffer goes away but still in my buffers ...
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How to deal with user arguments with magit transients?

I understand the infix flags work. However, I'm not sure how best to work with argument inputs. I have read the docs as well as looked at some examples from the magit source code but it's still a ...
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