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Using Emacs to translate documents

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org-mode export HTML with translations

A variety of websites have a feature where you visit a webpage and if you append a language code (e.g: /fr /es /en, etc); the website will load that webpage's translation into the selected language. ...
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Building a minor mode which makes buffer appear modified

You are an American in a British company. The company requires all your saved files to use the spelling "colour". You can't bear to look at anything other than "color" so you want ...
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How to change the "Figure" text created when exporting a LaTeX file with org-mode. I want it to say "Figura" as I speak Spanish

When I export all the images get the "figure" and the number of the image with the caption. When I export I want it to say "figura" instead of the English word.
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How to run shell command in function and intercept standard output

Tell me how to use the trans command of the trans-shell package for translation. I need to write a function that will intercept the output translated text.
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How to use spell checking in PO mode for gettext translations files?

I've tried function I use my my Markdown and Polymode when editing my Jekyll blog with po-mode but it don't work at all: I have code like this: (defun lang (lang) (interactive "sLanguage: ") (...
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Using a substitution rules file

I am writing a translation and I have found myself translating the same words again and again. I would like to have a file where I could write all the common substitutions I am doing (and hopefully ...
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9 votes
6 answers

How to install po-mode?

I tried M-x po-mode, but it is not installed. I have tried to find a gettext or po-mode package under M-x list-packages as well as M-x package-install, but I couldn't find either. I have gettext and ...
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Emacs as a CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tool

Getting tired of the poor editing capabilities of software like OmegaT, I would like to know if there is a way to turn Emacs into a CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tool. I was thinking about ...
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