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4 answers

Tracking when variables get updated

I have a problem with org-mode's agenda view. While I've set org-agenda-files to '("~/org/") invariably when I finally spin up M-x org-agenda I find that org-agenda-files just points to one org-file. ...
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1 answer

Function add-variable-watcher does not watch "last-command" variable

I have added a watcher function to watch the last-command variable. (defun my-watch (symbol newval op where) (message "Hello")) (add-variable-watcher 'last-command #'my-watch) The ...
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1 vote
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Can I somehow hook a variable? [duplicate]

So a function is called when the variable value is changed? add-hook seems to only accept functions.
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Redirect change made to a variable to another variable

I have variables foo and bar. I have a function that modifies foo and I can't change that function. How can I redirect the change made to foo so it applies to bar instead? EDIT : I want this ...
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