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A workflow for managing compiled elisp packages with different versions of emacs

I am using different versions of emacs, on different computers. On some of those (work computers) I don't really have a choice to update, whereas for my personal computers, I like to run the latest ...
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"Invalid version list `(4 5 -4 414)'" when running `M-x package-list-packages`

When following a suggestion for solving another problem, I'm doing M-x package-list-packages. However, that gives me the error message Invalid version list `(4 5 -4 414)'. What does this mean, and ...
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Error initiating treemac

initiating treemac is giving this error. I just don't understand all the errors that emacs throws up. I just have (require 'treemacs) in init file. version-to-list: Invalid version syntax: ‘'"'...
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