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Filter out command completions with specific prefixes

I am using command completions, and would like to 'filter' out certain built-in packages. For example, typing "text"; In these completions, I would like to filter out/hide the entries that ...
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How can I bind vertico-insert to toggle in the list?

I am using find-file with vertico. After running find-file and typing filename and when I press <TAB> it selects the current line. TAB runs the command vertico-insert (found in vertico-map), ...
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How I can use numbers in vertico-indexed-mode?

Emacs 27 I enable vertico-indexed-mode Here result: How I can use this numbers (0,1,2,3) ?
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Order of candidates in vertico or/and completing-read

What variable or additional mode controls the order of candidates in vertico? I think by default it shows most recently used first. Is it possible to force it to show the candidates in the same order ...
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Vertico: why are some files not displayed in the minibuffer?

I have noticed that, using vertico, some files are not displayed in the minibuffer by default when executing find-file, and I'm not sure to understand why. Say that I have three files in a given ...
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Add vertico autocomplete to custom prefix key

I am using vertico for auto complete. When you type M-x you get a nice menu of the available commands. I would like to add a similar completion to another prefix keybinding (e.g. C-d), so when I press ...
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use vertico completion also in evil's ex-prompt

I am using evil-mode and now want to use vertico for completion. I've got it setup so it works when I hit M-x, C-x C-f, C-x C-b, etc. However, it doesn't work in evil's ex-prompt (the command prompt ...
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How do I call helm in the middle of switch-to-buffer (using vertico)?

Say I'm in the middle of switch-to-buffer (using vertico.el btw), I couldn't find the buffer/file I need. I want to use a key binding to call helm-recentf or helm-locate etc, how should I go about ...
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How to ignore dired buffers and buffers that begin with * or SPC when switching buffer in Vertico + Consult?

I am currently an ivy user, trying out vertico + consult. For ivy I am using the following (defun rit-check-buffer-mode (str mode) "Check whether the buffer's major mode is `mode'." (let ...
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Insert path into buffer with vertico.el

I have recently switched from ivy to vertico for the file completion menu system (the new default in doom). Sometimes I want to insert the full path to a file into the current buffer (for example ...
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