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Filter out command completions with specific prefixes

I am using command completions, and would like to 'filter' out certain built-in packages. For example, typing "text"; In these completions, I would like to filter out/hide the entries that ...
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How to expand documentation from the M-x minibuffer when using vertico?

How to expand documentation or add a popup for an entry in the M-x minibuffer [Edit: when using vertico] ? I only get to see a bit of the documentation of each entry and text-scale-decrease does not ...
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Vertico command similar to ido-fallback-command

In there a vertico command command that causes vertico-find-file (not sure of the name, I mean the behavior of file finding during vertico's take over of find-file) to drop back to the normal emacs ...
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How do I call helm in the middle of switch-to-buffer (using vertico)?

Say I'm in the middle of switch-to-buffer (using vertico.el btw), I couldn't find the buffer/file I need. I want to use a key binding to call helm-recentf or helm-locate etc, how should I go about ...
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