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Insert path into buffer with vertico.el

I have recently switched from ivy to vertico for the file completion menu system (the new default in doom). Sometimes I want to insert the full path to a file into the current buffer (for example ...
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treemacs window border is drawn over vertico-posframe: how to fix?

I use vertico-posframe to switch buffers. When treemacs is active, the border between the treemacs window and the text window is drawn over posframe with the buffer list: How can I fix this?
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How do I call helm in the middle of switch-to-buffer (using vertico)?

Say I'm in the middle of switch-to-buffer (using vertico.el btw), I couldn't find the buffer/file I need. I want to use a key binding to call helm-recentf or helm-locate etc, how should I go about ...
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Ctrl-tab buffer cycling with consult/vertico

I want to emulate VS Code's Ctrl-tab cycling with consult/vertico which would look like this: Press C-<tab> (and holding C) to open consult-buffer which auto-selects the previous buffer. ...
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How to begin debugging this: My minibuffer completion (Vertico) disappears visually when a running process outputs to any Shell buffer

I can't reproduce in emacs -Q, so it's hard to pin down the issue. I would like advice on how to begin debugging. The problem: If I am doing something like find-file and navigating interactively with ...
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How to ignore dired buffers and buffers that begin with * or SPC when switching buffer in Vertico + Consult?

I am currently an ivy user, trying out vertico + consult. For ivy I am using the following (defun rit-check-buffer-mode (str mode) "Check whether the buffer's major mode is `mode'." (let ...