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Defining simple player in emms to play video files

I want to use emms to play video file formats as well as audio. I currently use emms-player-mpv as the only default player on my setup, configured as follows: (setq-default emms-player-list '(emms-...
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Mimic human typing with emacs

I want to record some typing on a screen video using emacs and I'm wondering if there is something available in emacs to mimic human typing. I imagine I feed it a line(region) of text and it is ...
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Insert multimedia videos?

Without physically inserting videos that reside in ./Videos directory and instead use MPV player or another Unix video player and make it show embedded in the same document like html web page. Emacs ...
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Editing subtitles or closed caption files?

I'm having trouble locating any Emacs modes supporting YouTube caption/subtitles files. This YouTube help page details the list of file formats for subtitles and captioning supported by YouTube: ...
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How to configure mouse button to execute a program in emacs

I have a lot of video files I want to filter through and delete if they are uninteresting. I opened the directory of video files in emacs and I want a left-click on the file to play that file in vlc. ...
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Embed a youtube video in org-mode buffer

I would like to display a youtube (or locally hosted) video inside an org-mode buffer, similar to how org-toggle-inline-images will preview an image file. How can I do this?
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Unable to Send Commands to Omxplayer from Dired

When opening a video file with Omxplayer through dired using dired-do-shell-command, I am unable to send commands to the external program to, for example, pause the video. The file plays fine but all ...
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12 votes
4 answers

Emacs: how to open and play a video file

If I am exploring my file system in Dired-mode and I come across a video file, for example, it would be nice to be able to play that video file. How can I do this in Emacs? I can use Emacs to open a ...
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