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Check whether line or position is visible

I'm trying to use avy to define a function that jumps to a line, recenters the screen at that line, then goes back to the initial position. The problem is that after recentering the initial position ...
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How can I make occur work only on visible text (e.g. org outline)?

Is there a way to do an M-x occur on only visible text, similar to how you can make isearch skip folded content with setq-local search-invisible nil? That way we could occur on for example headings of ...
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Visibility of tree at startup [duplicate]

I just came back to org-mode after ~10 years and I am (of course) getting lost even facing the minimal configuration issue :-) I would like that when I open a .org file I see all the headers, ...
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Replace org-mode drawer ellipsis with part of the folded content

Consider the following org document where all the PROPERTIES drawers are unfolded : * Books ** Book 1 :PROPERTIES: :year: 1987 :author: Author 1 :publisher: Publisher 1 :END: ** Book 2 :PROPERTIES: :...
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Toggle visibility of unchanged files in magit-status

I want to rename a number of tracked but unchanged files via magit. I know that I can use R (magit-file-rename). However, magit-status does not show me unchanged files. How can I toggle the visibility ...
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Emacs visibility not working

I tried C-c C-x p to set property as VISIBILITY and value as folded. The output looks like this: * Org Headline Description :PROPERTIES: :VISIBILITY: folded :END: But when I close and reopen the file,...
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How to highlight invisible text when using `visible-mode`?

I sometime use visible-mode to show hidden elements in buffers. For example, I have org-hide-emphasis-markersset to t, but I sometimes want to see them. This works very well with visible-mode, however ...
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How to hide comments and move them to a separate window?

I'm interested in hiding comments in code or structured text, but displaying them in another window; i.e. same buffer, two windows side-by-side, one showing the main text (code, or content), but ...
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Add invisible text property in org-mode

Suppose I have a function like my-make-invisible, where my-re is some regexp: (defun my-make-invisible () (save-excursion (goto-char (point-min)) (while (re-search-forward my-re nil t) ...
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Focus a buffer window if already visible; open a window with the buffer if not

I'd like to use a single function (and later keybind it to a single key) that would do the following: if treemacs is visible in the frame, focus to its window; if not, call treemacs. I took a look ...
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How to change the default transient level temporarily? ("Show hidden magit commands")

Many commands that are rarely used in magit are hidden by default. Magit uses the transient.el library for popups and the visibility of infix and suffix commands are controlled by transient-default-...
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Keep heading contents always visible in org-mode

How can you keep a heading's main content always visible in org-mode? Perhaps a property that can be set, so that S-tab never collapses it? (Not keeping the children's contents visible, unless they ...
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Dynamically hide lines indented more than current line

Is there a way to dynamically hide lines that are indented more than the current line? For example, if I am looking at this file { "a": 1 "b": { "c": { "d": 2 } } } and I am on ...
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Command to apply invisible property to selection

I would like to have a command that makes selected text invisible, and another to make selected text visible. Currently I have (buffer-invisibility-spec '(a . t)) (global-set-key (kbd "C-c i") (...
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isearch with invisible text properties, not overlays?

Q: how can I get isearch to understand invisible text properties, not just overlays? I'm writing a major mode that uses text properties rather than overlays to toggle visibility. I'd like to use ...
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How to make an invisible overlay displaying other text clickable

I've been trying to add the ability to unfold with mouse by clicking on ellipsis in my json-mode, but after considerable time spent experimenting and looking through the Elisp manual, I can't figure ...
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Make region(s) invisible (not evaluated) to query-replacy and similar commands

Is there a way to make some regions of the buffer invisible (I mean not evaluated by) to query-replace and similar commands? Let me better explain with an example. Let's take a piece of LaTeX code .....
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Why do parts of my Emacs buffer turn invisible when I'm writing elisp?

When I'm writing elisp code, parts of the buffer that I press enter on turn invisible (i.e. they get the property invisible set to t). I haven't been able to reproduce this reliably, because it doesn'...
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bookmark-jump to a hidden part of a buffer

In elisp buffers, I use outline-mode in order to manage headings similarly as in org-mode. But when I jump to a bookmark which points to a hidden part of a buffer (because it is below a folded heading)...
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Folding headers containing source code blocks in an org file?

I always refer to org mode when I want to document anything, but what I am struggling with right now is how to make folding mechanism work when my headers contain source code blocks under a list ...
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Toggle text visibility

I would like to temporarily not be able to see what I am writing (counter-intuitive, I know, but sometimes it's helpful to not be able to immediately criticize what you are writing in order to ...
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org heading temporarily not visible when folding

Sometimes when I close all the folds in org mode one of my headings becomes invisible. It depends on where my cursor is at the time of the fold. But despite my testing I don't know a hard fast rule ...
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Add another level to org-mode visibility cycling

The way S-TAB (org-global-cycle) switches between "top headline -> all headlines -> all content" is great for showing an outline and provide overview, but acts on the full document. Using TAB (org-...
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org mode not showing all the text in my file?

I am new to Emacs and struggling to learn it. I have a file: * Heading ** Sub-Heading *** Third-level When I open the file, the buffer just displays: * Heading... Where did all the ...
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How to prevent org-mode from repositioning text in the window when cycling visibility?

In org-mode, when I cycle through the visibility of the document via the TAB key (org-cycle), the text sometimes gets repositioned. If there is enough text below the headline such that it will not ...
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How can I tell if a buffer is already visible?

I'd like to have the following code in my library: (when (not (buffer-visible-p es-results-buffer)) (delete-other-windows) (view-buffer-other-window es-results-buffer)) However, I haven't been ...
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How to use outline-minor-mode to hide some exam class exercises in auctex

I use the exam document class in auctex to write exams for my students. I want to use the features provided by the outline-minor-mode to hide all the exercises I have finished and only show the one I ...
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Org mode initial visibility with #+STARTUP

What is the meaning of the possible values for #+STARTUP?
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Persistently hide cursor [evil-mode problem]

If I hide the cursor in a buffer with (setq cursor-type nil) it will reappear if I move it around. Is there a way for hiding the cursor all the time (only for one specific buffer)?
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Sane settings to show context when doing search and replace in org-mode

If I run certain functions like isearch-forward (with C-s) in an org-mode buffer, all content become temporarily visible. When I end the search, headings automagically collapse the way they were ...
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How do I change the visibility cycling in orgmode?

Currently when I press TAB it uses this: ,-> FOLDED -> CHILDREN -> SUBTREE --. But I would like it to behave like other outliners. If I press TAB once it should open the children. It I press TAB ...
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Headlines with "children" initial visibility reveals drawer names--why?

I would like to see all first-level children of my level 1 headlines when I open an org-mode file. I have assigned property values of :VISIBILITY: children to all my level 1 headlines. When I open the ...
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Hide comment in current buffer

Is their a way to hide comment whatever the language used? Like if I'm in cpp mode all /* ... */ should be hide and if I'm on LaTeX mode, all % ... will be hide.
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Copy text as it is rendered by Emacs

I have Emacs doing a bunch of smart things to display text for me. In particular, some text has the invisible property set, and I'm running adaptive-wrap with <!-- adaptive-wrap-extra-indent: 3 --&...
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