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Does there exist an equivalent of md-block for direct inclusion of org-mode file in a webpage?

The md-block library can directly render a markdown file in a browser: How to Render Markdown on a Web Page With md-block I'm already aware of the HTML export functionality in org-mode. This question ...
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How to collapse a heading/parent point in orgmode while generating a website?

I have a heading "Project" in my generated website which looks something like this: * Projects - Project A: Intro about the project - In detail about Project A (has a couple of ...
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Importing Emacs Stack Exchange Queries Into Emacs by tags

Is there any plugin already available to import Emacs Stack Exchange Queries Into Emacs, filtered by certain tags. Like the news reader, read mail packages. Wondering if a package is already in use ...
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browse-url: How to search the web for the keyword if the word under cursor (or selected) is not an URL?

The feature is more or less as the same as the navigation bar in most modern browsers: if it is a URL, load it; if not, use the default search engine to search the web for it. How can I achieve that ...
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Encode non-html characters to html equivalent?

I must be overlooking something obvious, but I can't find a way to encode a string/region into HTML, for example "Hölle" to "Hölle". Is there anything in emacs or web-mode or any other plugin ...
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Making skewer-repl work on external sites

skewer-mode works perfectly with their default demo page ( I'm able to send commands from skewer-repl like alert('hello world') and it appears on that particular URL....
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How do I use Emacs as a client?

Q: How do I use as an RSS feed source in Emacs 24.4? I've searched sporadically for months. I haven't found anything to even point me in the right direction to get started. I've opened a ...
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Using Emacs to send Tweets or Queets

I'm using Quitter or Twitter to send out short messages. Most of my Queets/Tweets go out through the web interface. However I'd like to use Emacs for it. Does anyone a good method/mode to use with ...
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How can I download a web page's source from Emacs?

I want to use Emacs as an enhanced way to view the source of a page (say Is there some easy way to download the page directly from Emacs, maybe even through C-x C-f? I remember ...
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