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which-func should not show eglot information in modeline

Trying to get the modeline to show the current c++ function point is in, I modified my modeline in the following way: (setq-default mode-line-format (quote (#(" &...
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which-function-mode only in python buffers

How can I restrict the which-func-mode and the header bar to python-mode buffers only? I like to use which-func-mode in the headline for Python files/buffers only. In my current config it works that ...
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Setup which-function-mode via use-package for python only

I was looking around in foreign but public init.el files and setup a which-function-mode that use the headline instead of the modeline for it's content. I couldn't find a use-package example for that ...
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which-function-mode is broken after first ggtags-find-tag-dwim call

after first ggtags-find-tag-dwim call I see the current tag where I saw the current function... How I can avoid this? I do not want to see in header current tag (where cursor is) Normally which-...
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which-function-mode and modified mode line

I modified my mode-line, but now which-function-mode stopped working: nothing is displayed. Code: (setq mode-line-position (list '(:eval (propertize "L%l " 'face nil 'help-echo "Line number")) ...
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have which-function-mode show @media query in css-mode?

I'd like to know which @media query I'm in (those blocks are several pages long, so can't see them in a screenful), without going 2 C-M-u C-u C-SPC etc. each time I want to check. There is which-...
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Display all/current CSV heading names

In CSV files (especially ones with a lot of columns and/or a lot of rows) I find that it's hard to tell which column I'm on. Normally I'd like to know either the column heading, or sometimes the ...
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How to limit the length of function name shown by (which-function-mode t)

I am using (which-function-mode t) to show current function name / org-heading on the mode line. I would like to limit the number of characters it shows on the mode line, but I couldn't find any ...
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Don't display module name in which-function-mode

When using which-function-mode, emacs displays not only the current function name but also the name of the module I am in. Is there a way to have which-function-mode display only the immediate ...
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Customize ??? in which-func-mode

I have which-function-mode enabled and from time to time it shows ???. Is it possible to customize this to eg '∅'. I have tried to customize group "Which Func" but did not find something suiteable. ...
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