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Emacs window starts below all other open windows

On MacOS, when I start emacs, the window appears below all the other open windows on my screen, eg terminal, notes, etc. I want it to open on top of all the other windows, not below them.
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Restore window configuration in a different frame

I sometimes save my window configuration with C-x r w, and restore with C-x r j. However I can't restore the window configuration in a different frame. Is there a way to do this? NB: I found this ...
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How to set the window size of a particular buffer to spawn?

For example, when programming, say I want to open the repl shell for the source file that I'm editing, each time the window size of repl shell buffer occupies half of frame size after spawned. I then ...
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Window configuration overwritten on minibuffer close

Here's a really nasty Emacs bug that has pained me for a long time. In tab-bar-mode with two tabs open (call them "tab X" and "tab Y,") Open tab X. Do C-f or a similar command ...
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save a specific layout

I am pretty new to emacs (doom-emacs in this case) and I have an idea of what I want to do, but not sure how to do it. What I am after is that when I open a .js file, I want to split my window into 3. ...
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How do you serialize a window-configuration?

Suppose I used C-x r w to run window-configuration-to-register, and suppose I saved it to the register k. Later, when I read back the register, I get this. ELISP> (get-register ?k) (#<window-...
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Change and later restore the window configuration of a frame

Imagine I have a frame containing some number of windows—sometimes only one, sometimes split in various ways. Now imagine that one of the displayed windows contains an org-mode buffer. What I want is: ...
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Let-bind diplayed windows and their size/posizion

Can I let-bind diplayed windows and their size/posizion? Is there a variable that stores these infos? I need to run a script that will change the diplayed windows, opening some help temp buffers. At ...
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How to debug emacs config / need to rerun org-mode after startup

I run emacs on Windows and I start with this command: C:\path-to\emacs.exe -q --load "C:/path-to-git-tracked-config-folder/.emacs" --debug-init Emacs starts without error from --debug-init. ...
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Get org-agenda toggle all agenda and todo below frame (similar to ivy list buffer)

I have this function: (defun org-agenda-show-agenda-and-todo (&optional arg) (interactive "p") (org-agenda arg "n")) When calls, it will toggle a window with all of my current agenda ...
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How to save and restore the association of a window to buffer across Emacs sessions?

I have a window layout with three windows and I would like Emacs to remember the buffers even if the buffers don't exist after restart. Context: I am using Spacemacs for Clojure development. In ...
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How to fix window configuration?

I use spacemacs and sometimes I need to fix window configuration 4 windows. Could somebody help with it? I want to create 4 windows (split vertically and then both split horizontally)Then call some ...
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How to restore a window configuration after reboot?

I have foo.txt on the left and a terminal on the right: |-------|----------| |foo.txt|ansi@term>| |-------|----------| How can I restore the layout of the windows with the same buffers displayed ...
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