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Questions tagged [workgroups]

This tag is for the "Workgroups for Windows (for Emacs)" topic, a package that allows you to save and restore windows configurations in Emacs, even across restarts. AFAIK, it has nothing to do with the similarly named feature in a certain OS by a certain Redmond, WA company.

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How can I change the prefix key in Workgroups?

For Workgroups, this prefix key works and it's also the default: (setq wg-prefix-key (kbd "C-c w")) , but I want to use a different prefix, so I've tried these: (setq wg-prefix-key "C-...
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How can I "Save As" in Workgroups for Windows (for Emacs)?

In Workgroups for Windows (for Emacs), is there a "Save As" function? I know there is a create function, but that first does a "C-x 1" it seems, so it destroys my layout, before it ...
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3 answers

Projectile switch between opened projects

I often have to work with multiple related projects and switching between them can become hard. I use counsel-projectile and it really makes everything easier. To be clear, I am not talking about ...
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after-make-frame-functions does nothing for an otherwise working function

I am using workgroups and I have the following code in my init.el: (defun my-start-emacs (_) (interactive) (message "HI") (sleep-for 1) (if (daemonp) (progn (if (not (...
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Displaying workgroup details on powerline or telephone-line modeline

I recently came across various workgroup extensions for Emacs and have been doing some experiments. I had a look at: eyebrowse workgroups workgroups2 (I have currently settled with workgroups2) I ...
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2 answers

Workgroups doesn't load the files from last session on startup

I needed emacs to startup and show me all the files I worked on last time (whom I didn't close explicitly) before M-x kill-emacs. I installed Workgroups for it and my prefix is C-c w. I split the ...
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