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Questions tagged [yank]

Emacs' name for 'paste' (the one that goes together with copy).

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Prevent emacs to indent when yanking into html buffer

I have disabled electric indent mode, as specified here, but when yanking text, indenting is still performed. I am yanking text into an html buffer, and I do not want any change whatsoever to be ...
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Emacs/ESS/Org hangs/spins on yank

I have the following Emacs org buffer that I'm editing: #+BEGIN_SRC R regimes <- read.spreadsheet(wlda, 3) %>% within({ TurbineID <- paste(Site, Turbine) Date.of.Change....
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Searching for text fragments by character text properties

The text to be processed has special words marked with a special font. The required text is copied to the clipboard with the mouse (from firefox). The text is pasted into the clipboard emacs("...
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How can I keep the default `yank-pop` behaviour after installing swiper?

Swiper replaces the behaviour of the M-y command (yank-pop) with its own implementation, which shows the contents of the kill ring. I like the default behaviour of M-y prior to installing this package ...
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helm-show-kill-ring disregards the selection

When I select entries (with C-<SPACE>) in helm-show-kill-ring and press either Enter or F1, it disregards the selection and yanks the entry currently under cursor. Why would this be the case and ...
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dealing with s-expressions in javascript without paredit

I was using paredit for other languages apart from lisp and it was great for being able to delete and yank whole functions etc. but it was also quite buggy with web-mode and js2-mode. Fir example, I ...
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Kill ring not synchronizing with clipboard in Windows

I have been using Emacs 24 on Windows 7 for almost a year without any issues. But recently, kill-ring in my Emacs has stopped synchronizing with clipboard (actually whatever I copy from within Emacs ...
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